Agricultural Engineering is the applied field of Engineering and Technology that intends to applying principle and practices of engineering sciences in agricultural and rural development, with overall being enhancement of quality and quality of agricultural production , sustainable management of natural  resources, rural infrastructure development and enhancement of rural economy and quality of rural life. In terms of focus and application Agricultural Engineering with implicit aim of contributing to rural life.
The academic curriculum in Agricultural Engineering, around the world , are focused to training competent graduates ready to apply knowledge and skills in design, development, operation and management of engineering systems and structures related to agricultural mechanization, agricultural processing, food engineering, land and water management, rural energy and rural infrastructure. Some universities have restructured their Agricultural Engineering curriculum into Bio- Resources Engineering by incorporating recent development and emphasis on bio-processing, biotechnology and energy management, which is again a derivative of Agricultural Engineering.

Agricultural Engineering is expected to serve in the areas of following fields:

a)    Farm Machinery Development and Promotion.
b)    Irrigation and Agricultural Drainage works.
c)    Soil Conservation and Watershed Management.
d)    Processing and Storage of Food Products.
e)    Rural Energy.
f)    Rural Infrastructure and Development.
g)    Livestock Management and Agri-Business.

In present scenario Agricultural Engineers are engaged in the following Organizations of the Country:
a)    Department of Agriculture.
b)    Department of Irrigation.
c)    Department of Soil and Water Conservation.
d)    Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC).
e)    International Development Enterprises (IDE/Nepal).
f)    Institute of Engineering.
g)    Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).
h)    International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs).
i)    Farm Machinery Companies.
j)    Food Processing Companies.

Besides large numbers of Agricultural Engineers are pursuing their higher level Education abroad in USA, Japan, Korea and European Countries.