Department of Architecture.

Architecture is art and science of designing the buildings, structures, towns and cities. It is science for mankind to build his environments and societies, so Architecture reflect the histories, cultures, economics, sociology and whole civilization. From the past histories to present, Architecture has been playing significant roles to change the societies for the mankind and his living styles. Due to the increasing populations, its impact is seen in different sectors including environmental pollution from urban to the globally and causing serious matter for all human being. The purpose of studying architecture is to learn how to make physical changes in our surroundings that enhance the quality of the built environment and our experience of life. Within this broad purpose, architectural study and practice include the tasks of providing shelter and environmental protection, appropriate settings for human activities, and creating forms that are aesthetically pleasing and supportive of social well-being in the community and society. Today interdisciplinary networking of the faculty of architecture is widening in the focus of global needs and challenges. Architectural Science is clear learning of truth and enlightenment of the mind.

This department offers Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Laboratory facility

  • Building Science Lab
  • Building Material Lab
  • Basic Skill Workshop Carpentry
  • Surveying

Courses offered

  • BE in Architecture