For a developing country like Nepal, there is a huge demand of technical manpower in the establishment of physical infrastructure. To help meet this demand , department of civil engineering is producing quality overseers and engineers fully capable as well as dedicated to the development of nation. This department was established in 2044 B.S with Diploma in Civil Engineering and since 2065 BS Bachelor’s Degree Program in Civil has Started and from 2069 BS Bachelor’s Degree Program in Geomatics has also been started.

Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
Laboratories/ Workshops::Civil  Engineering Laboratory. (CivilEng. Materials Lab, Soil Lab, Hydraulic Lab, Structural Lab, Water Supply Lab and Transportation Lab). Carpentry workshop, Wet-construction workshop, Plumbing workshop.


RTCU Services /Project Works::

RTCU Services
a.    Surveying

  1. Measurement and Mapping
  2. Suspension Bridge Site Survey and Design
  3. Road Site Survey and Design
  4. Survey of Different Engineering Project (irrigation, Water Supply etc.)
    1. Plumbing (sanitary fittings, Pipe Fittings Etc.)
    2. Fabrication and Maintenance of Solar Water heater
    3. Carpentry and Furniture
    4. Bricklaying, stone masonry, Plastering, Tiling etc.
    5. Scaffolding
    6. AutoCAD (2D and 3D)
    7. Material Testing
    8. Soil Testing
    9. Building Estimating and Costing
    10. G.L.S.

Project Works:

            The students have conducted various project works as their final year project. Some of the project is:

  1. Structural design of building
  2. Micro – hydropower
  3. Detail survey and design of road
  4. water treatment plant
  5. suspended type model bridge
  6. model structure of earthquake resistance building