Nepal has a tremendous potential of hydroelectricity that’s why we need the manpower to produce and use the hydro electricity for the development of nation. The department of Electrical engineering, right from the year of establishment of the Purwanchal Campus, has been actively involved in imparting the engineering students the knowledge information and skills required in the hydroelectricity, electrical industry and many other electrical installation projects.

The Diploma in Electrical Engineering started in 2044 B.S. It also has been running BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering since 2067.


Course Offered:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (4 years)
Laboratories / Workshops:

Electrical Power Lab, Electrical Measurement Lab, Electrical Repair & maintenance Lab Industrial wiring lab, House wiring Lab & Electrical Machine lab. Electrical installation Workshop, Basic Electrical Workshop, Electrical repair,  maintenance workshop & Control System lab.


RTCU Services:

Domestic wiring, Industrial Wiring, Motor Rewinding, Electrical Design, Estimating & costing, Repair & Maintenance of Domestic & Industrial System.